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What is the Pledge?



Your Blood Type holds the key to unlocking your best health ever. It also has the secret to what diseases are most common to your specific blood type.


Our program focuses on reducing cravings, burning fat, removing excess mucus, detoxifying the body, and nourishing your cells with superfoods.


The Pledge is simple. First, if you do not know your blood type, you must take the blood type test. Second, we have designed a grocery list to help support your blood type. You decide how long you want to commit and which phase you want to participate in.

Regardless of where you decide to start, the key is eating more plant-based and avoiding food and beverages contributing to inflammation, digestive issues, and weight gain for your blood type.

Getting Started

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Register for the Pledge!

Take the Blood Type Test & Scan, if applicable.

Select your phase & Order your products.

Stay plugged into the online community.

The Three Phases

Phase 1

Phase one lasts for 9-weeks, and it is our most flexible phase. It allows fish and even pasture-raised poultry. This phase will help facilitate weight reduction, fat loss, and muscle building.


Phase 2

Phase two also lasts for 9-weeks. It is our plant-based vegan option that allows cooked food. By eliminating animal meat, you will start moving your health in the right direction and experience weight reduction, fat loss, and muscle building.


Phase 3 

Phase three lasts for 21-days. This phase helps the body repair and renew. Not only will you look younger and feel better, but it allows your body to experience a biological age reversal. This phase is about losing the waste, not weight. For those who need weight loss, the results are often dramatic. If you are at your ideal weight, don't be afraid to lose more. You can add back weight and build muscle once the cleanse is over.

There is also an optional 90-day post regimen for those who participate in phase three. This phase will allow your body to stay in the healing phase of age reversal. Our post-regimen focuses on eating for your blood type and properly combining your food. While we encourage a complete vegan plant-based lifestyle, the post regimen allows fish, pasture-raised poultry, and other cooked options.

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